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Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics

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Computational Genomics for Public Health

We work in close collaboration with partners from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Emory School of Medicine to develop and apply novel computational approaches to public health challenges. This work includes the creation of software tools for molecular epidemiology and the computational analysis of microbial genome sequences. Our research also includes the search for genomic determinants of pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance.

Human Clinical & Population Genomics

We are studying the relationship between human ancestry and genomic determinants of health and fitness with an emphasis on admixed populations from Latin America. We are working with collaborators in Colombia, Panamá and Cuba to develop analytical platforms in support of clinical genomics. We are also particularly interested in the population dynamics of transposable elements and the extent to which their distributions have been shaped by selection.

Computational Approaches to Functional Genomics

We develop and apply algorithms for the analysis of next-generation sequence (NGS) data sets applied to functional genomics questions: DNA-seq, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, MNase-seq, etc. These efforts have been applied to the study of adult stem cells used in regenerative medicine, as well as the search for biofertilizers, in collaboration with industry partners. We are also particularly interested in the role that transposable elements play in regulating the expression of the human genome.


King Jordan

Professor & Director of the Bioinformatics Graduate Program at Georgia Tech

Augusto Valderrama-Aguirre

Visiting Professor & Consultant, Georgia Tech. Ambassador Fulbright Colombia

Sonali Gupta

Bioinformatics Scientist at ABiL/NIMHD

Juan Esteban Gallo

Bioinformatics Scientist at ABiL/NIMHD

Shivam Sharma

Bioinformatics PhD Graduate Student

Joseph Luper Tsenum

Bioinformatics PhD Graduate Student

James Matthew Hamilton

Bioinformatics PhD Graduate Student

Varsha Srinivasan

Bioinformatics MS Student

Justin Patterson

Bioinformatics MS Student

Landon Menuey

Bioinformatics BS/MS Student

Lucas Nguyen

Bioinformatics BS/MS Student

Maggie Bradley

Undergraduate Student

Aravinth Natarajan

Undergraduate Student

Jeremiah Longino

Undergraduate Student

Alumni of the Jordan Lab

Capacity Building & Development in Latin America

In addition to our research, we are engaged in biotechnology capacity building efforts in Latin America. The goal of this work is to facilitate the application of bioinformatics and genomics technologies to regional-specific challenges in public health and economic development. To this end, working closely with collaborators across the Americas, we conduct workshops and short courses, engage in collaborative research and organize bidirectional exchanges of students and faculty members.

Here are the link to our coverage in Latin America: [Link]


Jordan Lab @ Georgia Tech

Dr. Jordan's office is in room 2109 of the Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB), Georgia Institute of Technology, 950 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30332. The Jordan Labs are located in rooms 2200 and 2204 of EBB.